What are your cravings trying to tell you?

Whenever you find yourself reaching for something you know is not good for you, take a moment to slow down and reevaluate the situation. Consider what your body is asking for; check out the flavour:

                                                    Something Sweet? 

Try to satisfy your desire with less extreme food that doesn’t contain refined white sugar. Eating a lot of sweet vegetables will satisfy your natural cravings for sweet foods . Quality makes a big difference; if you decide to have an extreme sweet food try to choose the best quality you can buy; eat the food consciously, chew it slowly & enjoy it. Try to indulge in a small piece of organic dark chocolate. There are plenty of organic chocolate with great flavors such as ginger and lime.


                                                  Something salty? 

Cravings for salty food often indicate mineral deficiency. Salt contains 60 different trace minerals which is the basis for the formation of vitamins, enzymes and proteins. Table salt has been refined and doesn’t contain much minerals. Try to satisfy your craving with a variety of vegetables which are high in minerals. A good tip is purchasing a high quality sea salt which has natural salty flavor and is high in minerals.

Something bitter?

 Bitter foods enhance digestion, so craving something bitter may be a craving for something nutritious . some people satisfy their bitter cravings by drinking coffee or beer. Try eating dark leafy vegetables as such mustard greens, kale , collards , spinach & arugula;  which are high in fiber and keep your colon healthy and in proper working order.

Spicy food? Processed food sits on the shelves for a long time ,lacks in vitality & includes  added fat and cholesterol. Circulation slows down, and blood becomes thick hence the organs and extremities become cool. At this point the body starts craving spices.  Foods such as Mexican and pizzas  warm the body but create lots of stressful energy.  Instead you can add to your food the most popular choices such as cayenne pepper and hot pepper sesame oil. Add them to your stir fires or salads to kick off your cravings.

Something” Liquid”? Ask yourself if you have been eating an excessive amount of salty foods or dry baked flour products. You might be feeling dry and tight. Symptoms of chronic dehydration include headaches and urology problems. Instead of quenching thirst with sugary and caffeinated beverages, try drinking water at least 3 times a day. Keep a bottle with you and sip it through the day and notice how your body responds.

Physical health is the foundation of our lives. When you learn to deconstruct your cravings you can reclaim a sense of balance and harmony .